Derby Muslims Organize Educational Event to Share Insights on Islam

LONDON (IQNA) – A group of Muslims in Derby is set to hold an event to raise public awareness about Islam and shatter misconceptions.
2017 Quebec Mosque Attack: Survivors, Victim Receive Medal of Bravery
OTTAWA (IQNA) – Four survivors and a victim of the 2017 Quebec mosque attack were awarded medals of bravery by local officials.
12:40 , 2023 Sep 20
Visitors to Learn about Prophet Muhammad’s Legacy at Ontario Exhibition
OTTAWA (IQNA) – A Seerah exhibition is planned to be held in Mississauga, Canada’s Ontario, late this month.
12:01 , 2023 Sep 21
Event in England’s Derby Aimed at Educating People on Islam
LONDON (IQNA) – Muslims in Derby, an English city on the banks of the River Derwent in Derbyshire, will be on St Peters Street as part of their annual 'Mawlid in the City' event this weekend.
13:21 , 2023 Sep 21
‘World Obsession with Hijab Rooted in Racism, Islamophobia’
WASHINGTON, DC (IQNA) – A prominent Muslim American fencer believes “racism” is behind the world’s “obsession” with hijab.
13:36 , 2023 Sep 19
Pro-Hijab Steel Sculpture to Be Installed in Birmingham
LONDON (IQNA) – A sculpture that celebrate women who wear hijab is set to be installed in Birmingham.
15:34 , 2023 Sep 19
Blackburn Mosque to Host Event to Raise Awareness of Health Conditions
LONDON (IQNA) – A 'Community Wellness Day' will be held at Madina Mosque in Blackburn, aiming to raise awareness of various health conditions and cancers, while also raising funds for the Morocco Earthquake Disaster Appeal.
09:28 , 2023 Sep 15
Muslim Organizations in UK Launch Appeal for Aid After Morocco, Libya Natural Disasters
LONDON (IQNA) – An emergency appeal has been launched by the London-based Arab British Chamber of Commerce for aid for Morocco and Libya.
15:33 , 2023 Sep 17
Annual Minnesota Muslim Convention Makes Youth Feel Inspired  
WASHINGTON, DC (IQNA) – For 18 years, the annual Minnesota Muslim Convention in Minneapolis, US state of Minnesota, has brought together Muslims from across the state and beyond.
10:39 , 2023 Sep 17
Islamic Relief Canada among Charities Sending Aid to Morocco after Devastating Quake  
OTTAWA (IQNA) – Canada’s federal and provincial governments and charities, including Islamic Relief Canada have been sending aid to Morocco following a devastating earthquake in the North African country that has left over 2,900 people dead.  
08:31 , 2023 Sep 14
Ireland: Muslims Seek Suitable Worship Facilities at TU Grangegorman Campus
DUBLIN (IQNA) – Muslim students studying at the Grangegorman campus of Technological University (TU) Dublin have voiced concerns about the absence of a suitable prayer room to meet their religious requirements.
12:33 , 2023 Sep 13
Maryland Parents of Muslim and Christian Faiths Say No to Forced Sex Ed Classes
WASHINGTON, DC (IQNA) – As students returned to school last week, Muslim and Christian parents in Maryland are fully prepared to fight a court order preventing them from opting their children out of controversial gender and sexual education in public schools.
10:35 , 2023 Sep 12
Mosques in London to Raise Money for Morocco Quake Survivors
LONDON (IQNA) – Mosques in the British capital will hold events this Friday to raise money for the survivors of a recent deadly earthquake in Morocco.
11:13 , 2023 Sep 13